25 November 2009

Your daily dose of pretty: this is what I look like today

Hello my pretties, the recovery continues. Very tired today - not too sore but my face looks (and feels) like this:

Yup, I've gone Pfooooooooooooooooof, like a little ole puffer fish.

I've got lots to share, a haul from my lovely friend Ewa (including my first Inglot polishes) and lots of things I've found for my "All I Want For Christmas" series, but not just yet. Rest first. And icecream, lots of icecream.

So here's today's pretty to keep you going:

Flora tattoo pantyhose, US$23.00 from Tattoo Socks on Etsy.

14 Year Old Daughter wants these ones:

Bats tattoo pantyhose, US$23.00.


  1. Awww but puffer fish are cute, too! Hope you feel better soon :D

  2. Better a puffer fish than Henry VIIIth :-)
    I've heard that buying shoes is very good for reducing swelling.... at least of the wallet ;-)

  3. Your poor face. I also heard that buying things speeds your recovery.

  4. Lucy - lol - it's funny you should say that, because I might have bought some stuff. Maybe. :-)