24 November 2009

Your daily dose of pretty: hey Tooth Fairy!

Hello there my pretties - I survived intact (well, with four less teeth obviously!). Feeling pretty good, a bit tired and a bit of a sore mouth, but so much better than I anticipated. More gorey details to follow along with fabulously gruesome pictures of my teeth - one still has some bits of bone attached, you KNOW you want to see that!

Anyway, I'm tired and not thinking entirely straight yet so LOOK, PRETTY SHOES!

Black patent peep toe platform high heel - also known as shoe perfection.

Hey Tooth Fairy, my gruesome teeth must be worth heaps, especially since I was SO brave - so I'll put my teeth under my pillow tonight and in the morning pretty shoes will be there, yes?

Canadace Peep Heel, AU$149.95 from Sportsgirl.


  1. That's good that you're more or less intact:D I'm glad I haven't removed my wisdom teeth, yet that is:p

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  3. Glad you survived your dental surgery. A pair of shoes under the pillow are a must.