23 November 2009

Your daily dose of pretty: WHEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Check out this little bunny, he's totally like "wheeeeeeeeeeee, I is flying along teh wire!":


You'll have to excuse me guys, I'm having my wisdom teeth out in 5 hours 15 minutes and counting, feeling just a little nervous. Little bunny dude cheers me up. US$26.00 from Shana Logic. Wheeeeeeeee!

I've told the oral surgeon I want to keep the extracted teeth - if you're really lucky I might post pics of them for you. How excited are you about that!?!?


  1. Ugh, no don't do it, I asked for mine when I had them out and the sight of those curly roots did nothing to aid my recovery ....

  2. Hahaha - I have a bit of a gruesome bent, I really want to see them!

  3. Wheeeeeeeeee.... I loike! :) I kept a wisdom tooth after I had it extracted in OZ, then had to bin it when we moved to UK. It's a fascinating sight, really. LOL. Is it bent enough for you?

  4. I wanna see them! And I kept mine too =P

    p.s. this is the perfect excuse to pig out on ice cream. ;)

  5. Guys they are so gruesomely awesome! I will definitely be posting pics - especially of the one with the bone still attached!


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