23 February 2010

LBD Barbie: I can has?

Let's face it - I'm just a big kid really, aren't I? So it's no surprise that the Barbie Little Black Dress collection has me all aquiver. Available in a variety of hair styles, hair colours, skin colours and of course LBD's, these Barbies are a great excuse to play with dolls:

Six of the Barbie Little Black Dress range are currently available on ASOS, and Barbie Little Black Dress Two is my favourite, because she totally looks like me:

Totally looks like me. If I was a plastic doll. And considerably slimmer. With longer legs. (And possibly Asian?) Oh ok, the only thing we have in common is the haircut!

There are also four accessory packs available for hours of Barbie dress up fun. Go check out the Barbie Lounge on ASOS and indulge your inner child!

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