21 February 2010

Your daily dose of pretty: a panacea for the sickly

Wah! You hear me my pretties? WAH! I have a cold. My throat hurts. My head is thumping. I slept all day and didn't get any swatching done. And I slept in a really odd position so I have a painful crick in my neck. So, you know, *sniff* *moan* *creak* *cough*. And WAH!

There is one, and only one, thing that will make this better.


Y'know, I've never been that partial to orange, but darn it if I don't love it on these shoes. I feel cheerier just looking at them. I'd feel even cheerier if The Eccentric English Boyfriend bought them for me. "Oh darling ..." *sniff* *pout*

The Chevelli Court Shoe is £70.00 from Faith. Which is another addition to the list of shops we'll be visiting in England!

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