23 February 2010

Your daily dose of pretty: Tweet Tweet

How many of you are on Twitter? I'm a total Twitter Addict (which I guess makes me a ... Twaddict?) - Twitter has given me the opportunity to chat to so many of my fellow bloggers from around the world as well as keep up to date with what my favourite shops and brands are doing. Best of all, I can follow my favourite celebs on Twitter and really feel like I know them personally. And then unfollow them when I realise that actually most celebs have very little of interest to say!

These cute wee earrings from ModCloth are the perfect accessory for a Twitter Addict:

The Trending Topic Earrings (Twearrings?) are US$9.99 from ModCloth.

Feel free to follow me on Twitter. I can't promise I'm any more interesting than most celebs, although you will get updates on the latest place the dog pooped and the crazy things my kids do!

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