02 March 2010

Housekeeping. Of the kind that doesn't break nails

Hello there my pretties, thought I'd give you a few quick updates on things that are happening in my world:

First up, you can now read more of me over at aucklandista.com, a blog about this wonderful city I live in, where I write as manikpixi.

If you'd like to not just read me but also see me, 14 Year Old Daughter and I appeared on a local news show last week, in an item about the government's plans for a nationwide filter to block child porn sites. You can see it here. Please to be noting that it was a typically humid Auckland day and my carefully blowdried  hair had gone *frizz*. Oh and if you listen very carefully you can hear Fred barking in the background - apparently he had strong opinions too and resented being locked outside and unable to share them.

Finally, an MS update. My episode has passed, and although I have been left with legs that tingle after walking for more than a few minutes (which is kind of unpleasant and kind of funny), occasional blurry vision and some problems remembering ... those things ... stuff you say ... erm ... WORDS, I am in general feeling pretty great. Emotionally I still have days where I have a little cry or throw a tantrum about having this disease, but mostly I'm just getting on with enjoying the pretty things in life.

That is all the housekeeping. As you were.

PS: Oh just one more thing. Which one of you bought those Plasticland shoes I was coveting the other day? C'mon, fess up, I won't hurt you. Honest. Next time I like something and it's on sale and it's in my size I'm just going to buy it straight away, obviously you lot can't be trusted!

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