02 March 2010

Today's nail: Color Club Neon minis

I've mentioned previously how thrilled I was to see Color Club polishes start to appear in New Zealand, and a couple of weeks ago I got the chance to meet the lovely people from Color Club New Zealand, and to have a look at what they have in store for us. They were kind enough to provide me with some samples which I would have swatched for you much sooner except I have been having terrible problems with my nails flaking and breaking off and their nubbiness has been pretty bad.  They're still looking horrible, but not as horrible, so over the next couple of days I'll be showing you my Color Clubs.

Today I have a set of minis which have been available in stores in New Zealand for a while now, the Neons. Conditions weren't the best today for capturing these as the sun is being recalcitrant and hiding behind a cloud, so the photos don't even begin to come close to showing their vibrancy.

Left to right: Amp'd Up, Lazer Pink, Power Play and Limelight.

The four polishes varied greatly in application, from excellent to annoying. Having said that I expect neons to be a pain to apply, what matters is the colour.

Amp'd Up: This is the most neon of the colours. The photo, while reasonably true to the colour, doesn't even begin to come close to showing the eye-searing "holy cow our ship is heading for the centre of the sun" brightness of this puppy. Looking at it for too long actually made me blink! It took three coats for even application, but if you like your neons ultra-neon then this is your baby.

Lazer Pink: The most troublesome application of the set, it was four coats to get rid of the bald patches in this and the finish was far from smooth (which you can probably see in the photo) - however a good top coat would fix that. Colour-wise it's much, much more of a bright Barbie pink than the photo shows, but probably the least neon of the four.

Power Play: My stand-out favourite of the collection, both in application and in colour (it's purple, d'uh!). The jellyish formula on this applied beautifully smoothly and only required two coats for complete coverage. The colour is a gorgeous purple leaning to pink and bright enough to qualify as a true neon.

Limelight: My camera and I are no longer on speaking terms after this photo - it's not even close. Limelight is an intense radioactive green. Seriously, it needs to come with one of these:

Limelight's formula was the second-best of the four, nice to work with but with just a couple of bald patches on the second coat that meant a third coat was required.

This is a fun wee collection of neons, definitely worth having in your polish stash. The next two collections I will be showing you are the two which will have just started appearing in stores in New Zealand for our winter season so stay tuned for those.

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