31 March 2010

Your daily dose of pretty: Clockwork Couture Quite Quaint Camisole

I still haven't gotten round to seeing Alice in Wonderland - it's been getting mixed reviews but I'm still keen to see it if only for the sumptuous visuals and gorgeous makeup and costumes it promises.

After months of lead-up I think we might all be a little Aliced-out as the film tie-ins have poured in from almost every company under the sun. Still, it's easy to see the appeal in Alice-themed products, especially when they're this pretty:

Just look at all that pretty feminine detailing. The Quite Quaint Camisole from Clockwork Couture's Wonderland Collection is also available in black:

The Quite Quaint Camisole is US$32.95 from Clockwork Couture.

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