01 April 2010

Your daily dose of pretty: shopping at TopShop - cos I can

New Zealand fashionistas were all aquiver last week over the news that TopShop is coming to New Zealand. I personally got just a little excited when I heard the news - there was some bouncing, and some squeaking, and then some more bouncing. Followed by some puffing and panting - I really need to work on my fitness.

The top floor of The Department Store in Takapuna will be home to the UK retailer's New Zealand store, with collections being released here at the same time as their Northern Hemisphere release, meaning that we'll be buying summer clothes in winter and vice versa.

In the wake of this exciting news you'd be right in guessing that I've been browsing the TopShop site drawing up a wishlist of items I'm hoping to see released over here. Top of my list is this cute little skirt:

Loving the bow detail and the contrast edging. The Paris Flippy Skirt is £35.00 from TopShop.

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