02 April 2010

Today's nail: Color Club On the Wild Side

My pretties it seems like ages ago I promised you a look at the two Color Club collections being released here in New Zealand in March and then ... nothing. Blame my nails, they have been quite ill behaved, with the splitting and the not growing and the breaking off, so they were grounded. There was a whole couple of weeks there where I didn't put any polish on them at all. None! And boy were they suitably chagrined. So while they may still be tiny nubbins they are wearing polish again.

Of all the collections I saw released in the Northern Hemisphere in recent months, Color Club's Wild At Heart was possibly the one I was coveting the most, so you can imagine how delighted I was when the lovely people at Color Club NZ told me it was being released here at the start of March, and very kindly provided me with a set to swatch for you all. And my word they are just as gorgeous in the flesh (in the bottle?) as I'd hoped.

Image courtesy Color Club NZ

Left to right: Love 'Em Leave 'Em, Wild and Willing, On the Wild Side, Rule Breaker, Wild At Heart, With Abandon.

After agonising for what seemed like ages last night over which one I wanted to try first, I settled for On the Wild Side.

Excuse the ding on my middle finger - I had an urgent need to go to the toilet the instant I applied my topcoat - ain't that always the way? The ding on my pointer finger though, that's a great big hole in my nail where I picked at a bit of dead cuticle and ended up digging a hole because my nails were just peeling away. I told you they were in bad condition!

Interestingly this wasn't a colour that stood out for me when I saw the collection swatched on other blogs but actually I loved it on me. It's a blue/grey metallic that reminds me of pewter. Of course we expect a metallic to be brushstrokey and it was, enough that it required careful application but not so much that it does my head in when I look at it. My tip for applying brushstroke-prone polishes: instead of the prescribed center/side/side order of application, try side/side/center. Just make sure you don't load your brush too much though or you'll end up with your polish pooling at the sides.

Two coats to opaque, and as always with Color Club polishes dry time was excellent, or there would have been a heck of a lot more damage from the urgent toilet trip!

More from this collection in the following days, and thank you again to Color Club NZ for providing these for review.

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