30 March 2010

Your daily dose of pretty: Dolores dress by Collectif

My pretties I made an amazing discovery yesterday: my waist!

Obviously my waist was always there - I'm not some weird truncated mutant woman. However for the past couple of years my waist has not had so much definition thanks to a layer of wobbly bits over the top. But now, thanks to my MS diet, I'm actually thinning down a little and this is no bad thing at all.

My new waist obviously needs new clothes to show it off, and this dress would do quite nicely thank you very much:

I have one word for you: Va-va-VOOM! Or is that three words?

The Dolores dress (£35.00 from Collectif) is available in several colours and prints, this pretty blush with flocked cherry print is my favourite.

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