26 August 2010

I'm loving: Bourjois Mini Eyeshadow Powder No 5

One of my favourite drugstore brands (and therefore, obviously, a brand I can't get here in New Zealand - grumble grumble mutter) is Bourjois. Naturally when we were in England in July I stocked up on a few Bourjois products, and now I'm kicking myself for not getting more. Lots more.

I did get this: 
Mini Bourjois Eyeshadow Powder 05.

Mini Bourjois is Bourjois' range of mini-sized cosmetics; including eye liners and powders, lip glosses and balms, blush, nail enamel and accessories. The eyeshadow powders are packed in 1g / 0.04oz jars and there are 15 colours in the range. Now that I've tried 05 I want the other 14 as well. Sadly I don't think Eccentric English Boyfriend will see my desperate need for these as a vaild excuse for another trip to England.

Eyeshadow Powder 05 is a dusky grey/blue shot through with gold that proved nigh on impossible to capture with my camera, but here are a couple of jar shots:

The first is taken with flash, the second indoors with natural light, but neither of them show the gold reflect particularly well - it's warmer than it appears here.

And some shots of it applied on my upper eyelid and over the top of the eyeliner on my lower eyelid. (The other products used are an unnamed Vital Radiance beige eyeshadow as a base, Smashbox Creme Eyeliner in Picasso lining the upper eyelid, and LA Girl Eyeliner in Navy lining the lower eyelid.)

Because my eyes are heavily hooded the eyes open shot doesn't show much of the eyeshadow, but I've included it because it does show the gold reflect quite nicely.

Really well pigmented, this is a lovely soft eyeshadow powder which applies easily and blends well, and I think it may now be my favourite eyeshadow colour. At least until I find my new favourite eyeshadow!

So what about you my pretties - have you tried this range? Any favourites? It's my birthday in a month and a half, so if anyone's stuck for present ideas (hint hint) I want, well all of them really, but particularly:

This one:

And this one:
 And this one:

 And this one:
And most particularly of all, because seriously - WOW - this one!


  1. those are so cute! i love mini anything. we have Bourjois but not this line...

  2. I had this and I think I gave it away! I had four or five of these little guys, and they're so well pigmented. Numbers 9,11,14,and 15 never did show up at my ULTA though - SO pretty! That blue is beautiful with your eyes.

  3. Those colours are lovely .I use one of their foundations and it's awesome. It has a lovely subtle scent to it as well.

  4. So pretty! I absolutely love Bourjois, it's my favorite brand. We have them here though not these powders.

  5. I had all the ones you want! but can't wear them so stuck them on ebay. Only shade 11 is left now or I'd have negotiated sending them out since you love them so much

  6. Hi
    I have very hooded eyes too, and used to have the same problem as you with applying colour but when I opened my eyes nothing showed up!
    The trick is- apply a light colour to your lid and then apply the darker colour to the hooded part, this gives the illusion of a 'normal' eye. You just have to use the hooded part of your eyes instead of the eyelid. There are some great tutorials on youtube.