08 September 2010

Today's nails: Color Club Pucci-licious and Twiggie

Color Club's Poptastic range was released into New Zealand stores at the start of September, and Color Club New Zealand very kindly sent me out a seven piece pack for review.

Left to right: Almost Famous, Wham! Pow!, Poptastic, Warhol, Pucci-licious, Twiggie and Chelsea Girl.

The Poptastic Collection replaces the Flower Power Neon range and contains 20 shades in all. Some favourite shades from the Neons have been kept and renamed, and several new shades have been introduced.

The first two shades I swatched were Pucci-licious and Twiggie and both colours surprised me with their fabulous application - I generally expect neons to be trouble to apply but not these two. Both are highly pigmented and the formula on Pucci-licious was lovely and smooth, going on evenly and only requiring two coats. In fact I suspect if I applied it again I could make it a one coat application. Twiggie was a little thicker in consistency so required slightly more careful application but went on in one coat, something I've never had before with a neon.

First up Pucci-licious, which being a purple was beyond impossible to capture, photographing more dusky and with more blue than it has in real life.

This picture was taken before I applied top coat, and you can see the semi-matte satin finish common to many neons.

Because that picture is so completely inaccurate in representing the colour, check it out y'all - my mad Paint skills:

Makes me look like I have the world's worst fake tan! Still not particularly representive, you'll just have to trust me that Pucci-licious is a gorgeous bright grape purple which I got heaps of compliments on.

Twiggie is bright, summery green somewhere between mint green and pea green.

A real stand-out colour that you can't help noticing - love it.


  1. Me too! I just wish it photographed better :(

  2. I have this collection but shamefully I haven't tried any of them yet. Bad me.

    They look lovely on you.

    I met Twiggy once you know. Claim to fame!

  3. Pucci-licious! is so gorgeous and special color! :)

  4. Helen: Was she lovely - I've always thought she seemed like she would be lovely? I bet that was more exciting that seeing that dude from Eastenders in Selfridges! :D

    Ivana: It is, isn't it?

  5. I adore Pucci-licious, it's up there in my favorite polishes for sure. Both look great on you.