08 September 2010

Your daily dose of pretty: Life's a Beach heels from Hannahs

If somebody tried to describe these shoes to me, my immediate reaction would be "bleuch":

A high heeled canvas shoe in red, pink, green, orange and purple stripes? It sounds like something vomitted up by a deck chair.

But actually, I love this shoe. I even went into Hannahs yesterday to fondle it in person, and confirmed its gorgeousness. I didn't try it on though, because you know what happens once I try it on don't you? Yup, the credit card comes out and Eccentric English Boyfriend gets to repeat what seems to be his favourite phrase: "how many pairs of shoes do you actually need?". I may well get that printed on a tshirt for him. In fact I could probably do a whole collection of EEB tshirts, with phrases like "you bought more nail polish - what a surprise"; "I don't have any cash on me, you took it all"; and the perennial favourite "yes, dear".

The Life's A Beach shoe is available in Hannahs stores New Zealand-wide for NZ$69.95.

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