05 September 2010

Your daily dose of pretty: Dream dress in purple by Bettie Page Clothing

I may be carrying a few more kilos than I'm happy with, and parts of me may wobble more than I'd like, but one thing I do like about myself is that I have curves. Womanly, albeit wobbly, curves. And I'd quite like to squeeze my curves into this dress:

Such a gorgeous, classic shape, and the fan detail at the neckline and waist takes this into Killer Curves territory. Do want!

The Dream dress in Purple is US$114.00 from Bettie Page Clothing.


  1. That is a rocking dress. Love clothes cut for curves.

  2. I L-O-V-E this dress. Where would I wear it? Kinda reminds me of dress snotface wore in dropdead fred to the christmas party. I don't think we get Christmas parties anymore...

  3. Grace & Celticopia: it is a stunner isn't it. And Celticopia, with a dress like this in your wardrobe you don't need an excuse to wear it. Looking that fabulous is its own excuse!


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