27 August 2009

Swatches: Eyeko polishes

Here at long, long last are the swatches of the Eyeko polishes I received a couple of weeks back. The purchase of these three polishes means that I now have all six of their current polishes. Not for long though, their new range is coming out in September, and I gather when it does the current ones will be discontinued.

First up, my general thoughts about all the polishes. With the exception of Disco Polish, the formula on all six polishes is a little troublesome - prone to dragging and streaking and general glugginess. All the polishes have beautiful rich pigmentation, but in the case of the two light coloured polishes four coats were required simply to deal with the streaking, and they all needed a top coat to even out their finish. However once the top coat is on they all have a beautiful depth of colour.

I love that Eyeko thought outside the box with their packaging, the squat 10ml bottles with their metal lids remind me of something you'd find in an olden days chemist, and their labels are adorable. I've mentioned before however that the lid is a little stubby and wide for comfortable application, and the other downside to the bottles is the wide mouth, which makes wiping down the brush before application more difficult. Being a complete klutz I also worry that if I knocked a bottle over the wide mouth would mean an awful lot of polish would spill. It's bound to happen, I'm forever knocking my polish bottles over.

So on to the specific colours. Here is Pretty Polish:

Not my best application, I apologise, this must have been just after I had to cut all my nails back. Pretty Polish won over this non-pink lover. It's a beautiful, soft powder pink - delicate and girly.

Next, Punk Polish:

Wowser! Super-duper, make-you-blink, bright pink. Not my sort of colour I have to say, 13 Year Old Daughter is a big fan though!

Finally, Saucy Red Polish:

We all know I'm hard to please when it comes to reds, and I love this one. It's a retro pin-up girl red, the type worn by bad girls that mothers don't want their sons dating.

So there you go. For all my criticisms of the formula/bottles I LOVE Eyeko polishes. Whatever difficulties I may have in application pale when I see the polishes on. They're well pigmented, and they really hit the nail on the head with their colours - spanning the range from girly to vampy. I am so looking forward to the release of the new polishes in September (you KNOW I'll be getting them all!).

Here are the links for my reviews of the other three polishes in their current range: Disco Polish and Pastel Polish here, Vamp Polish (my all time favourite polish EVER) here.


  1. Oooh, I just ordered the entire set of these yesterday! I wonder what the new collection will be like? Hopefully more glitters...

  2. According to their Tweet the colour names will be: Cosmic, Vintage, Lilac, Coral, Purple and Nude. Sounds promising!

  3. Having expressed bewilderment at the world of nail varnish of which I know nothing I confess that I do always keep my toenails painted (I have runners feet so it's the only way to disguise them as human) and I would actually wear that light pink one (see I've forgotten what it's called already) on my toes.

  4. I love these polishes. That red is tremendous. I have to get it. Beautiful!