08 April 2010

Today's nail part two: Color Club Groove Thang

The second collection released by Color Club for the New Zealand winter 2010 season is Dance to the Musique, which Color Club NZ generously provided me with to swatch for you:

Left to right: Feel the Beat, Velvet Rope, Slow Jam, Electronica, Groove Thang and After Hours.

Groove Thang intrigued me in the bottle with its purple shimmer and hints of peacock blues and greens. Somewhat disappointingly though the blues and greens fail to make an appearance on the nail.

Groove Thang does redeem itself in my eyes by being a gorgeous dark dark purple jelly (of the "so dark it's almost black" ilk) with a lighter purple shimmer packed into it that really shines when the light hits it, and I do love it, even if I am a bit disappointed that it didn't turn out like it promised in the bottle.

Lovely formula that only required two coats, and it could possibly be a one coater if you apply your polish thicker than I. And also, how gorgeous does it look with my new ring?

More to the point: how gorgeous is my new ring?

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