29 January 2011

Your daily dose of pretty: Snow Queen Rose Necklace by Eclectic Eccentricity

I love the delicacy of this necklace, which is a reproduction carving molded from lucite and based on original rose pendants produced in Japan during the 1940s.

So pretty, and currently on sale for £9.00 down from £15.75 at Eclectic Eccentricity who ship internationally.

28 January 2011

Buy pretty, help Queensland

The relationship between New Zealand and Australia is a bit like the relationship between siblings: we call each other names, make jokes at each other's expense, and steal each other's toys (it's ok Australia, you can keep Russell Crowe); but when one of us is in trouble the other is immediately there to help. And goodness knows after the flooding in Queensland the Aussies could do with all the help we can spare.

One way you can do your bit is by heading over to Etsy and purchasing an item from AusDisasterRelief, a collective of Etsy sellers who have donated items from their own shops for sale. The proceeds from the sales will be donated to The Queensland Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal.

I've got my eye on these earrings:

this bracelet:

and these earrings:

Note: while the majority of sellers donating to AusDisasterRelief ship internationally not all do, so it pays to check before making your purchase.

Your daily dose of pretty: 'Bee Mine' pendant by Kettle of Fish on Folksy

You know what's embarrassing? Getting stung by a wasp when you're trying to show the Nice Exterminator Man where the wasps' nest is that you want exterminated. And no, that didn't happen to me, it happened to Eccentric English Boyfriend. After I said to him "don't flap at them, you'll make them angry". I am nothing if not helpful. In this case helpful from a safe distance, but helpful all the same.

The Nice Exterminator Man later said to me "I thought he was a bit brave, standing that close to the nest.". To which I replied "Brave? Or stupid?". Helpful from a safe distance and sarcastic - I'm your dream girl, aren't I?

Anyway that story was by way of a segue into today's pretty, which has a picture of a bee. Bees are much nicer than wasps, albeit just as sharp at one end.

The lovely little bee picture in the pendant is printed onto vintage linen and then varnished. The 'Bee Mine' pendant is £20.00 from Kettle of Fish on Folksy, and is guaranteed not to sting you or embarrass you in front of Nice Exterminator Men*.

* Note: not actually guaranteed for either of these.

27 January 2011

Your daily dose of pretty: Kara shoes by Paris Hilton. Seriously.

I'm pretty sure I woke in an alternate universe this morning. It is the only possible explanation for a world in which "Paris Hilton" and "classy" are words which can be used in the same sentence.

That said, I'm going to stay in this alternate universe, because look at the shoes it has:

My wardrobe is astonishingly lacking in grey shoes, I have realised. And it's such a lovely alternative to black. These would fill that gap perfectly. And they have pink soles!


The Kara Grey Crystal Satin by Paris Hilton is US$94.99 from Heels.com who ship internationally.

26 January 2011

Your daily dose of pretty: Camel Cowl Neck Belted Dress by Miss Selfridge

I love the soft simplicity of this dress. Although I suspect it's not a colour every skin tone could wear. Certainly I couldn't, without looking like a well dressed sand monster.

The Camel Cowl Neck Belted Dress is £36.00 from Miss Selfridge, who ship internationally.

10 January 2011

Your daily dose of pretty: Japanese Fabric Necklace by Freedom Creative

I love the simplicity of this Japanese Fabric Necklace:

Made from layered bamboo and vintage Japanese kimono fabric, I think this is one of those pieces that is guaranteed to have people asking where you got it from. And you get it from New Zealand designer Freedom Creative for NZ$27.00.

Note: The site lists postage costs within New Zealand, but I had a twitter conversation with the lovely person behind Freedom Creative who assures me international postage is available, just message them for info/cost.

09 January 2011

Your daily dose of pretty: Vintage Allure Wiggle Dress

The problem with having children is that certain word associations become irrevocably changed. For instance, I cannot hear the word 'wiggle' without thinking of, well, The Wiggles. Mention 'wiggle dress' and I'm immediately beset with visions of The Wiggles in dresses. It's all fun and games in my imagination, I tell ya.

Still, if The Wiggles were going to wear dresses they could do worse than this one:

I love the bow detailing at the waist, and that fire engine red. It also comes in black, but not yellow, blue or purple so the other the other three Wiggles are plumb out of luck.

The Wiggle Dress is £69.00 from Vintage Allure.

08 January 2011

Your daily dose of pretty: Garden Secrets Platform by Iron Fist

Ahhh Iron Fist. How much do I love you, let me count the ways.

Well here's Number 1 for a start:

I can never resist ribbon and bow detailing like this on a shoe, plus peep toe, platform, gorgeous heel and that pretty pink and black floral print - I'm having a very hard time not clicking the Buy button on these ones!

The Garden Secrets Platform by Iron Fist is US$49.00 from Heels.com.

07 January 2011

Your daily dose of pretty: Frida Dress by Hell Bunny

Well, the holiday season has been and gone and it was lovely. We spent Christmas with my family in Dunedin, where 15 Year Old Daughter and 11 Year Old Son ran across Tomahawk Beach:

Those dark clouds over the Pacific Ocean even produced a couple of lightning flashes, but I didn't capture them on film!

Santa* cemented his position as The Best Boyfriend Ever by bringing me these from a business trip to China:

Look at them, being all awesome and pink in their awesome pinkness. What makes them even more awesome is that in the embossed logo on the side "Wear" is spelt as "Weear". Awesome, pink and bad spelling! Do Christmas presents get any better?

Actually, yes they do. When they're this:

Although technically this isn't so much a Christmas present. It's more of a post-Christmas "look darling it's on sale and it's so pretty would you buy it for me pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease" present. Isn't it gorgeous? I love the print on the fabric. And did I mention it's on sale at Kate's Clothing at the moment for only £19.99? Although they only have sizes 8 and 10 left - obviously they have customers with excellent taste!

* By Santa I obviously mean Eccentric English Boyfriend. The real Santa isn't my boyfriend, that would just be weird. Because he doesn't exist.