16 April 2012

Your daily dose of pretty: Skully Necklace by Miss Sparrow

I think I missed the Miss Sparrow stall at the Very Vintage Day Out. Or possibly it was one of the ones I had a quick glance at en route to something else. And it's probably a good thing because if I'd seen this necklace it would have been mine. And Eccentric English Boyfriend might not have been quite so reasonable about how much money I spent!:

At first glance this appears to be simply a lovely glass bead necklace. But look a little closer. Skulls! I dare you to wear this to the next afternoon tea with your elderly aunts!

The Skully necklace is NZ$90.00 from Miss Sparrow.

15 April 2012

Your daily dose of pretty: Le Petite Fleur Earrings from Whimsy Fix

Whimsy Fix is another retailer we spotted at the Very Vintage Day Out yesterday. Well, in truth we didn't just spot them, we bought from them. Which obviously comes as no surprise.

These are not earrings we bought from them. But they are very cute and I want them:

According to the listing these are "10x14mm Pearlised Vintage Bead decorated with a Vintage BlueRose & nestled inside an Antique Bronze Lace setting - fixed with a dangle earring". They're also pretty.

The Le Petite Fleur Vintage Earrings are NZ$17.00 from Whimsy Fix.

14 April 2012

Your daily dose of pretty: Giant Rosie Hair Bone Clip by Rosie Squish

16 Year Old Daughter and I went to the Very Vintage Day Out today. We even dressed the part, in fishnet tights and high heels and pencil skirts. On an unrelated note my feet hurt. But that's beside the point - it was a fabulous day of watching burlesque dancers and rockabilly singers, and browsing clothes and jewellery and trying very hard not to Buy All the Stuff. At which it has to be said we failed.

16 Year Old Daughter came home with one of these in purple:

Seriously, how awesome are those hair bones? I'm tempted to order a couple of the mini ones for myself!

The Giant Hair Bones are NZ$20 and the Mini Hair Bones are NZ$8 for two from Rosie Squish.

There were so many tempting pretties at the Very Vintage Day Out that there are several more blog posts' worth to share with you over the next few days!

13 April 2012

Your daily dose of pretty: Cap Sleeve Dress from Get Cutie

I love Get Cutie. They make a range of vintage-style skirts, dresses and accessories which you can order in any of the fabrics they have in stock. And the range of fabrics is BIG (123 different fabrics big), so I'm a bundle of indecision right at the moment.

I want this dress:

In this fabric:

Or this fabric:

But, how cute is this:

And oh my goodness this!:

This (as pretty as it is) would probably be a bad idea - too much white for me to spill stuff on:

Or CATS! In kimonos!:

So, that's narrowed it down a bit. While my head explodes from the indecision you can go check out the Short Cap Sleeve Dress (£110.00) on Get Cutie. And you can check out all 123 fabric swatches here.

12 April 2012

Your daily dose of pretty: ASOS Bird Print Chain Clutch

It would appear I am still obsessed with bird prints, if my love for this purse is anything to go by:

I love the colour, and the kissing birds print. I also love the fact that it's currently on sale on ASOS for £12.50. Although as always that's not an excuse for me to buy it...

04 April 2012

Your daily dose of pretty: Shadow Circus Burlesque Fairy tote from HautTotes

I absolutely love the artwork on this tote bag:

Isn't that just gorgeous? The artwork is by Amy Brown, and the fabric is printed exclusively for HautTotes with images licenced fromt the artist. So you know you're not going to see this fabric used for anything other than HautTotes bags.

The Shadow Circus Burlesque Fairy tote is US$49.75 from HautTotes.

03 April 2012

Your daily dose of pretty: iGirl Tie-Front Patent Platforms from YesStyle

It's funny how tastes change. It's not that long ago that orange was one of my least favourite colours - possibly from being a child in the 70s when orange (normally combined with brown) was everywhere. Then I started wearing orange nail polish a few months ago, and next thing you know I'm lusting after orange shoes. Specifically these orange shoes:

Too cute! The Tie-Front Patent Platforms by iGirl are US$70.00 from YesStyle.

I still really, really don't like brown though. At least until I decide I do.

02 April 2012

Your daily dose of pretty: Duck Family Necklace from Love Hearts and Crosses

So this is on sale at Love Hearts and Crosses, and it's adorable:

Where we live in West Auckland we have ducks that just wander the streets (and come into our houses begging for food). In Spring and Summer I love watching the wee ducklings because they are just little fluffy balls of adorableness. When they're tiny it's almost as if they're attached to their mum by a piece of elastic - they'll get a certain distance away from her an then suddenly PING they're back in their wee line again. Ducklings are awesome!

Here's a very grainy photo of my boy when he was little with a motherless duckling that we rescued. 

The Duck Family Necklace is on sale for £7.20 from Love Hearts and Crosses.

01 April 2012

Your daily dose of pretty: Babycham Sherbet Polka Dot Cork Wedges from ASOS

I don't know why I do it, but every year when New Zealand summer is drawing to a close and autumn and winter styles are appearing in the shops I torture myself by looking at the summer shoes coming into UK stores.

So, the fact that we've been having an Indian Summer here the last week or so is a good excuse for buying these, right? Because look at that cute bow, and that pop of blue. Too cute!

The Babycham Sherbet Polka Dot Wedges are £49.99 from ASOS.