29 November 2009

Your daily dose of pretty: not for the arachnophobic

High on my list of 'Things To Do Before I Die" (although lower than 'Snog Colin Firth But Only If He's Dressed as Darcy From Pride & Prejudice mmmmmm Darcy From Pride & Prejudice') is my wish to hold a tarantula. I love spiders, and amongst my group of friends I'm the go-to girl for spider removal. Which is fine because in return I have plenty of friends I can call on when I'm attacked by marauding slugs. Which happens. More than you'd think.

Anyway, I appreciate that not all of you will share my love, so if spiders make you shudder, or scream, or run away with your arms flailing over your head, you might not want to continue reading. There's a whole internet out there, plenty of which doesn't contain spiders so off you go, I won't be offended. Look I've even found you an article about Colin Firth being voted the best Darcy - there's lot of pictures, and even some writing. No need to thank me, it was my pleasure - *drool*.

So, those of you still with me are not going to freak out, right?

Are you sure?

Still a chance to go look at Colin Firth.

Alrighty then, here it is:

Wow - I totally want this hanging around my neck. Mostly because it's pretty, and partly because it would freak my spider-fearing friends out. Mean? Me? Yeah, I am a bit!

The Black Widow Necklace is US$39.00 in sterling silver, or US$344.00 in 14k gold (good thing I prefer silver jewellery isn't it?), from Badali Jewelry.

There, that wasn't so scary was it?


Photo: National Geographic

Hey! Come back! I didn't mean to scare you really. I'm sorry.



28 November 2009

Yay me!

I'm doing a little dance here - you'll have to imagine it, and remember to factor in the excitable dog jumping up on me and the children rolling their eyes - because I've just reached 50 followers. Woo-hoo!

14 Year Old Daughter and I are in the process of putting together a giveaway, to celebrate this momentous occasion and also my upcoming guest post on Style Society - details will follow. We are however slightly stumped to discover that New Zealand Post won't let us post nail polish overseas. UGH! Anyway, watch this space ...

Also, YAY ME!

EDIT: I also have 60 subscribers in Google Reader. There's probably a bit of cross-over there, but all the same - YAY ME!

Your daily dose of pretty: Summer handbag from Mercedes Louise

I have a conundrum my pretties. I have fallen in love with the gorgeous Summer Handbags at Mercedes Louise, and I have decided I am going to buy myself one. But which one? Help me out here, ok?

First up, my favourite colour:

Obviously I'm going to love the purple version, and it comes with a choice of trim - green or pink. Pretty.

Then there's black:

A quick rifle through my closet will reveal my love of black, and this would match plenty of outfits. Plus, pretty.


Surprisingly, I love this the most. And I'm not a fan of green (except on my nails). The practical side of me says it would be harder to match this to an outfit, but then I already have go-with-anything handbags and this has the wow factor does it not?

So, what do you think my pretties? Which one would you choose? AU$45.00 from Mercedes Louise.

27 November 2009

Your daily dose of pretty: take me to your earlobes

I'm not entirely certain I could wear these earrings since my earlobes are quite small, but I am so in love with them because they totally look like little aliens:

Awwwwww, look at them with their tentacles waving and their little arms outstretched. They're all "we come in peace, take us to your leader and we will assume his form and rule your planet and there will be pretty jewellery for everyone". Or something.

Little flowers stud earrings in 24K gold plated sterling silver, US$30.00 from preciousjd on Etsy.

A year's worth of shoes? Count me in!

I'm a bit behind in posting about this, due to the whole having my teeth yanked thing, and I'm not even sure I want to tell you, because the more of you that enter this the less chance I have of winning.

But, it would be uncouth of me not to share this with you my pretties: to celebrate the launch of Style Society (which you may remember I have an upcoming guest post on), Dorothy Perkins are giving away A YEAR'S WORTH OF SHOES. Seriously. That's one pair of shoes per month for a year. My little head is positively popping at the thought. So if the idea of all those free shoes appeals go enter!

And if you win and, you know, get sick of all those free shoes I'll happily share your prize with you. Because I'm good like that!

25 November 2009

Your daily dose of pretty: this is what I look like today

Hello my pretties, the recovery continues. Very tired today - not too sore but my face looks (and feels) like this:

Yup, I've gone Pfooooooooooooooooof, like a little ole puffer fish.

I've got lots to share, a haul from my lovely friend Ewa (including my first Inglot polishes) and lots of things I've found for my "All I Want For Christmas" series, but not just yet. Rest first. And icecream, lots of icecream.

So here's today's pretty to keep you going:

Flora tattoo pantyhose, US$23.00 from Tattoo Socks on Etsy.

14 Year Old Daughter wants these ones:

Bats tattoo pantyhose, US$23.00.

24 November 2009

Your daily dose of pretty: hey Tooth Fairy!

Hello there my pretties - I survived intact (well, with four less teeth obviously!). Feeling pretty good, a bit tired and a bit of a sore mouth, but so much better than I anticipated. More gorey details to follow along with fabulously gruesome pictures of my teeth - one still has some bits of bone attached, you KNOW you want to see that!

Anyway, I'm tired and not thinking entirely straight yet so LOOK, PRETTY SHOES!

Black patent peep toe platform high heel - also known as shoe perfection.

Hey Tooth Fairy, my gruesome teeth must be worth heaps, especially since I was SO brave - so I'll put my teeth under my pillow tonight and in the morning pretty shoes will be there, yes?

Canadace Peep Heel, AU$149.95 from Sportsgirl.

23 November 2009

Your daily dose of pretty: WHEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

Check out this little bunny, he's totally like "wheeeeeeeeeeee, I is flying along teh wire!":


You'll have to excuse me guys, I'm having my wisdom teeth out in 5 hours 15 minutes and counting, feeling just a little nervous. Little bunny dude cheers me up. US$26.00 from Shana Logic. Wheeeeeeeee!

I've told the oral surgeon I want to keep the extracted teeth - if you're really lucky I might post pics of them for you. How excited are you about that!?!?

22 November 2009

Your daily dose of pretty: it's just a jump to the left

Talk about awesome - The Rocky Horror Picture Show was on TV tonight! I haven't watched it for years, and it's still a bundle of fun. I don't think I ever get tired of Tim Curry's wonderfully campy performance as Frank-n-Furter and I still know the Time Warp off by heart (it was all I could do not to jump up and dance along - that would have impressed the kids ... NOT!).

But the other thing I spotted tonight, while I was watching, were the adorable shoes on some of the chorus line/guests. Look here:

If you've been reading this blog for more than say, five seconds, you know I love me some mary janes.

(On a side note, I never liked Columbia, her voice was too squeaky - and those eyebrows! Magenta was my favourite.)

Anyway, I did a bit of searching to see if I could find some shoes like those - which I did - but along the way I was side-tracked by these:

and somehow they fit perfectly with the theme!

I suspect I'm a little too close to 40 to get away with these, but 14 Year Old Daughter is going to love them. (Mental note: do not show these to 14 Year Old Daughter.)

The Funtasma By Pleaser Women's Contessa-57 Platform Mary Jane is $44.95 on Endless, and currently only available in US sizes 6, 11 and 12 - so 14 Year Old Daughter can't have them anyway!

What do you think my pretties? I little OTT perhaps? And can you still remember the Time Warp?

21 November 2009

All I want for Christmas: gifts for foodies

I always enjoy shopping for food-related gifts. I mean, combining food, shopping and pretties - what's not to love? If you have a foodie in your life here's a few gift ideas:

First up, my life will not be complete until I have one of these:

That. Is. Awesome. The nail polish shaped cookie cutter is US$1.99 from Downtown Dough. Note to EEB: If you buy me one of these I will totally start baking again. Honest.

How to make vegetables pretty:

Milly's Veggie Twister, NZ$49.95 from Milly's. Note to EEB: I would totally cook more vegetables if I could make them look like this.

How about a big ticket item. In pink:

Pink KitchenAid Artisan Mixer £369.99 from Pink Princess. Note to EEB: If I had a pink mixer I'd totally be in the kitchen mixing ... stuff.

Don't you just love Bento? All those cute little pieces of food packed into cute little Bento boxes - adorable!

See what I mean? Kawaii Mameshiba 2 Layer Bento Box is US$22.00 from From Japan With Love. Too cute. Of course you need the cutlery to go with it:

Kawaii Mameshiba Lunchtime set is US$10.00 from From Japan With Love. Note to EEB: If we had cute little Bento sets like this I'd totally make your lunch for you every single day.

How about a gorgeous cake stand:

£28.87 from Bombay Duck. Note to EEB: if we had one of these it would constantly be filled with dainty sandwiches and cute cupcakes made by me, honest.

Of course you can't go wrong with a cookbook. The Edmonds Cookbook has been a staple in New Zealand for almost 100 years. At one time Edmonds would send a copy out to every newly engaged woman, and you'd be hard pushed to find a household in New Zealand that doesn't have a copy. I have two - one battered, coverless copy from 1969 that belonged to my mum, and one from 1992.

Edmonds Classics brings together many favourite Edmonds recipes from its 100 years along with Edmonds' famous 'handy hints', snippets of Edmonds history and recipe trivia. I've given copies of this to quite a few of our overseas friends and family, so now they too can make ANZAC biscuits (mmmmm, ANZAC biscuits):

Edmonds Classics, NZ$24.99 from Fishpond. Note to EEB: I already have an Edmonds Cookbook and let's face it I only ever go into the kitchen to make coffee, so you're plum out of luck.

Your daily dose of pretty: but why?

These are ... but they ... I mean ... well it's just ... I can't ... you see they ... but then they're ...

See for yourself:

These shoes give me a bad case of Existential Shoe Angst*. Nothing about them says pretty to me - they're brown and clunky and frumpy and yet I love them and I want them. Why?

US$49.99 from Ruche, the Pink Studio "Jona" oxford pumps would look pretty awesome paired with a pencil skirt and turtleneck sweater for that whole 'librarian' look.

* Actual psychological condition, honest. Take two Louboutins and read me in the morning.

20 November 2009

Your daily dose of pretty: one of these things is not like the other

Want to play One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other my pretties? Ok, here we go then:

Did'ya spot it? Ok, it's pretty obvious really, but doesn't that ring at the bottom totally look like a chocolate? It certainly makes my mouth water!

The pretty enough to eat ring is part of the Sweetie Pie collection by Australian label Mink Schmink. The Mink Schmink online store is currently under construction, but if you see anything on their website that you like they will happily take orders by email.

I'm going to find some chocolate now.

Oh and the chocolates are by de Spa Chocolatier of Christchurch, New Zealand.

Treats from Eyeko

If you've been wanting to get your mitts on the ASOS exclusive Eyeko Vintage polish now's your chance. From now until midnight Monday 23 November if you buy three products from Eyeko you get the Vintage polish for free - just enter the code VINTAGE in the special comments box at checkout.

Of course I'd already ordered mine from ASOS - along with a few other ASOS exclusive polishes but if you haven't got yours yet then what are you waiting for?

Also, check out these cute double ended eyeliner pencils:

What gorgeous bright colours. Eyeko say:

Chunky pencils loaded with colour and shimmer and shine to create a multitude of fabulous eye looks!

Super Star
Make your peepers pop with Plum liner ultra flattering to all eye colours. Accentuate your natural high lights! Blue eyes appear aquamarine, green eyes sparkle like emeralds and brown eyes glitter like gold! Take it up a notch with Electric Purple for a fashion forward look that's super!

Rock Star
For fierce eyes smudge Black Glitter all around the eye and blend with Silver for a smoky-in-a-second look. Try Silver eyeliner in the inner corners and winged out Black Glitter for a futuristic fashionista vibe.

Pop Star
Electric Blue teamed with dazzling teal for a punky, funky look. Try blue on the upper lid and teal on the bottom for a touch of 80’s stylin! Colour Teal over the whole lid and use Electric Blue as eyeliner - so many looks in 1 pencil!

£5.00 from Eyeko.

All I want for Christmas: Emily the Strange Stamps of Disapproval notecard and stamps set

Stamping is one craft I've never tried my hand at. This Emily the Strange set makes me want to though:

There's a 'Shut Up' stamp and a 'Get Lost' stamp - how much fun could you have with that?

If you've got a hard to buy for teenage girl, this could be just the thing! US$20.00 from Emily the Strange.

All I want for Christmas: alien flexi light

Desk lamp? Meh. Not the most exciting thing in the world, a desk lamp. Unless it looks like this:

He's so cute! Although having him staring at me all unblinking like that could get a little disconcerting after a while.

His wire stem is flexible so you can angle him whichever way you like, and you turn the light on by flipping up the visor (or eyelid if you like, but visor is less creepy).

AU$12.95 from Smiggle, and also available in blue, pink, green and black - but obviously I love the purple!

Your daily dose of pretty: Newport News ankle boot

It's totally not fair, boot wearing season has been and gone here in the antipodes, and the Northern Hemisphere shops are full of gorgeous boots like these just begging to be bought and worn. They even have a bow, like a little present waiting to be opened:

On the bright side, by the time end-of-winter sales roll around in the Northern Hemisphere we'll just be coming in to winter down here. But I love them and I want them RIGHT NOW - and then if I did buy them they'd sit there in my wardrobe all through summer taunting me: "nyer nyer nyer, we're so pretty and you can't wear us cos it's summer, it sucks to be you". Obviously that's how my shoes talk to me all the time - they have very little respect.

The cuff on these ankle boots can be worn up or folded down. I love the shape of the toe, and of course the bow is just too cute. They are also available in black, but I'm really in love with them in grey. US$44.00 at Newport News. Which if you think about it is actually a jolly good price. Because I needed more temptation. Those talking boots were right, it sucks to be me!

19 November 2009

For no reason other than it makes me smile

This video may not be fashion or beauty related but watching it made me smile. I'm getting my wisdom teeth out on Monday and the thought of the surgery is freaking me the heck out so I'm just going to watch this video over and over again until then. Okay?

I'm such a big kid, I love splashing in puddles. Provided I'm wearing appropriate shoes, obviously.

If I'm a clever girl over the weekend I'll schedule some posts in advance for next week just in case my sore mouth prevents me from blogging. But if you don't hear from me for a few days after Monday I apologise in advance. Blame the teeth, and go splash in some puddles!

18 November 2009

Today's nails: Barielle Polished Princess and Slate of Affairs

Polished Princess and Slate of Affairs (which I received from my lovely Secret Santa) are my first Barielles so I was understandably very excited about trying them. Luckily I wasn't disappointed.

First up, Polished Princess:

How gorgeous is that? Yellow/greens so often look blah against my skin tone, but Polished Princess is truly gorgeous. And just look at the beautiful shimmer running through it.

It looked absolutely amazing next to my new necklace from Artisan Jouel:

Isn't that necklace amazing? I've worn it almost every day since it arrived.

The formula on Polished Princess was good, and three coats to bottle colour.

When I first saw the All Lacquered Up collection - which Polished Princess and Slate of Affairs are part of - Slate of Affairs was the colour that intrigued me the most. And it did not disappoint, in fact it's gone to the top of my favourite polishes list.

Such a gorgeous dusky blue, more of a grey tinge to it than the photos show. It makes me think of dark stormy skies, and when the light hits it there's the most beautiful blue shimmer:

You might want to click the pics to enlarge them. Again three coats. So pretty. Thank you (Not So) Secret Santa!

Your daily dose of pretty: naughty Naughty Monkey!

As brand names go, Naughty Monkey is pretty cool. And it turns out they make some nice boots. Like these ones:

Whoa momma! Naughty Monkey, you truly are naughty to tempt me so - these boots may well be better than sex! Straps, buckles and rivets, interesting chunky heel, to-die-for red - there's not much I wouldn't do for these boots. Except give up chocolate. I totally wouldn't give up chocolate for them. Unless they were on sale.

The Haute Rocker 2 by Naughty Monkey is US$158.99 on Heels.com.

17 November 2009

Your daily dose of pretty: Under the Rain tshirt

The fun part of shopping at la Fraise is that the website is all in French. Fear not my pretties, with my two years of high school French I will give you some background on la Fraise:

They sell tshirts.

What were you expecting? I did two years of French 20-odd years ago! The only thing I can remember is how to ask where the toilet is, and it's entirely possible that what I think is "where is the toilet?" is actually "your ferret is attempting to mate with my handbag".

Luckily you don't need to be multi-lingual to appreciate this tshirt:

How cute is the picture:

Awwwwww, look at the widdle doggie woggie being all cutie wootie!


The Under the Rain tshirt is €24.00 at la Fraise. At least I think it is, it's all in French you know!

16 November 2009

Your daily dose of pretty: whine, moan, whinge

My wisdom teeth hurt. Bad.

I'm seeing the oral surgeon on Thursday, so hopefully it won't be too long after then that I get the blasted things out - at the moment I'm tempted to accept The Eccentric English Boyfriend's offer of brandy and pliers.

So I'm just going to complain for a bit, ok?

Whine, moan, boohoo, waaaah, whinge, rant, complain, woe is me, sniff, sob, etc.

I can has pretty purple shoes?

*sigh* Pretty purple shoes. They don't make the teeth any better, but they sure are pretty.

Schuh Michy lace up high heels, £69.99 from Schuh.

15 November 2009

Look at all that stuff!

Between sick kids and sore teeth the last couple of weeks haven't been the most fun. But it wasn't all achey bits and cries of "mum, my tummy hurts". There were also a few parcels to open, and we know that's always good.

First up, my Secret Santa gift from the Nail Polish Bloggers Christmas Exchange organised by Nicole of Magic Maid. My Secret Santa was the lovely Rachel from Sparkling Pink Gorilla (awesomest blog name), and looky look what she sent me:

Barielle! I confess I squealed when I saw them. Slate of Affairs and Polished Princess, both of which I was coveting. And let me tell you they are gorgeous - Slate of Affairs has gone into my favourite polishes ever list - swatches to follow soon. Also in the parcel was a Dr Pepper lip gloss (shaped like a little Dr Pepper can and so yummy), LA Colors Art Deco nail art lacquer in Blue Glitter and Green Glitter (pretty), samples of Barielle hand cream and foot treatment, and 10 Year Old Boy's favourite part:

Bear in mind he was home from school with a stomach upset - he made a miraculous and speedy recovery when he saw these lollies all the way from America! Oh and I had a conversation with 14 Year Old Daughter later in the day that went like this:

14 YOD: Mum, I've eaten too many lollies and I feel sick.
Me: You're still eating them though aren't you?
14 YOD: erm ... yes ... but they're so yummy!

Then a parcel from Cherry Culture, who I had a discount code for:

LA Girl Rock Star Groupie (purple glittery goodness - yum), Kleancolor Twingkle Gold Star (I won't bore you with a rant about deliberate mis-spellings of product names but can I just say GRRRRRR), Kleancolor Sonic Bloom, Kleancolor Neon Sapphire and Kleancolor Blue Satin.

Amuse Sparkling Powders, which annoyingly don't have their names on the jars, but the colours are a champagne, bronze (much lighter than it appears in the photo) and dusky pinkish. These have little sponges on the top, beneath which are standard shaker openings. The sponges are pretty useless, too little of the powder gets applied over too great an area, so I'll probably end up taking them off and using a brush. Anyway, swatches:

I very cleverly used the little foil seal that was stuck to the top of each bottle to stamp these swatches on my hand. The pink is a lot pinker than it appears in the pic, and they are all quite lovely.

At front a Kleancolor eyeliner in Icy Golden Nugget, and at rear an NYX dual eyeliner sharpener, LA Girl Liquid Eyeliner in Silver, LA Girl Liquid Eyeliner in Purple and an LA Girl Mark My Eyes felt tip eyeliner in black (this one is a thick-tipped pen).


Top to bottom: LA Girl Purple, LA Girl Silver, LA Girl Mark My Eyes and Kleancolor Icy Golden Nugget.

I'm loving the purple, it's exactly the sort of purple I like to wear next to my hazel eyes. Mark My Eyes has a little bleeding at the edges on my hand, whether it does that on my eyes I don't know because I've mislaid it (by which I mean 'had it stolen by 14 Year Old Daughter'.)

And finally, some stuff ordered from New Look on sale:

A five pack of nail polishes by B Me. The polishes aren't named but I couldn't resist the bright colours, especially for only £4.00.

Star Gazer polishes, numbers 170, 105 and 131. I love the little round bottles, they make me think of little fat buddhas and I just want to rub their tummies. Not that they have tummies ...

And finally, the parcel from New Look totally didn't contain shoes. Couldn't possibly contain shoes, since I'm on a no-shoe-buy. And if it did contain shoes, it would be because they were too cute and ridiculously cheap at only £5.00.

Oh look, ridiculously cheap and cute shoes. Imagine that!

Last of all, I know I should be staying away from sugary treats since visiting the dentist, but I can't help myself:

Cute and sugary and covered with coconut. And they're called Fairy Mushrooms! With a name like that you know I love them. (The polish is Kleancolor Neon Sapphire by the way.)